Jerry Bruckheimer

Jerry Bruckheimer, Independent Director

Jerry Bruckheimer has been an independent director of Skillz since February 2021. Mr. Bruckheimer has more than 40 years of experience as a film and television producer and a deep track record of success across the entertainment spectrum. One of the most successful film and television producers of all time, Mr. Bruckheimer’s productions include the “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “National Treasure,” “Bad Boys,” and “Beverly Hills Cop” franchises, “Black Hawk Down,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Remember the Titans,” “Armageddon,” “The Rock,” “Crimson Tide,” “Top Gun” and “Flashdance.” Mr. Bruckheimer also produced “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Without a Trace,” “Cold Case,” and “The Amazing Race.” Mr. Bruckheimer is also the producer of “Lucifer,” which was recently renewed by Netflix, and “High Town,” which was recently renewed by Starz. His films collectively have grossed more than $18 billion. Mr. Bruckheimer is the founder and chief executive officer of each of Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc., Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Inc. and Film Visions, Inc. He is also the co-founder of and an investor in the National Hockey League franchise Seattle Kraken. Since 2007, Mr. Bruckheimer served on the board of directors for privately-held ZeniMax, that was acquired by Microsoft in 2020 for $7.5 billion. Mr. Bruckheimer’s longstanding experience in the entertainment industry coupled with his experience as a director of a successful interactive gaming company make him a valued member of the Board.